How I Made a Movie with My iPad in Under an Hour

Hello, and welcome to the Poudre River Public Library District’s blog! My name is Kristen and I am the Digital Literacy Librarian here at the Poudre River Public Library District. My job is to help people learn how to use new technologies appropriately and effectively, whether it is job related or simply for fun. It certainly keeps me busy! There is so much new technology to learn and then to teach, it can be a bit like herding cats!

Speaking of cats, my 2 are not sure about our newest family member – a small black and tan puppy named Chaco. We love him, though, and as with any baby, what does a proud mama do? Take videos of course! But then what? In the past, I have been known to let videos and pictures languish on the camera for weeks, even months, and then MAYBE post them to Facebook or send them to family members. This time, however, I decided to make a movie. With only an iPad. Immediately.

How did I accomplish this, never having used iMovie before? Easily, and in about an hour! The first step was to download iMovie onto the iPad (cost $4.99). Then, I started taking videos within the iMovie app with a simple press of the record button on the screen. (I could easily import other videos I had taken as well.) Once I shot the videos, I started editing, again within the iMovie app. I was able to edit the video into shorter clips, change the order of the clips, make cuts, add music, captions, beginning and ending titles and a theme, and then upload the finished product to Facebook without ever having to leave the iPad. Amazing!

If all of this sounds too difficult (or too expensive), don’t worry. We will soon have all of the equipment and apps available at the library for you to learn how to create your own short video. Make videos for work or school, post them to YouTube or Facebook, and watch what happens when you create your own fun!

Take a look at my short video created on an iPad in about an hour!

Welcome, Chaco!