So you want to go to a Comic Con?

Fort Collins Comic Con is coming September 12, 2015 and badges (your ticket to get in) are available now and every badge sold benefits the Poudre River Public Library District.

But what is a Comic Con and why should you go?


You don’t have to be a die-hard comic book fan to attend. Fort Collins Comic Con is a pop-culture celebration.

Even if you dont care about comic books at all, youll still be able to find something about Fort Collins Comic Con that you like. From educational or entertaining panels (a catch-all term for presentations, discussions, demonstrations, or classes) to a fully stocked and managed game room, theres a little something for everyone.


You don’t have to cosplay (dress up as your favorite character), but you’ll probably want to.

Having gone to my fair share of cons, you tend to be the one who sticks out if you dont dress up (at the very least in a superhero t-shirt). Have a costume? Cool! Wear it! Don a cape and mask, become your own superhero! We want to see you be you!

poudre library district and fort collins comic con founders in cosplays

There are all sorts of fans and fandoms to belong to.

You might love Batman comics. You might like Superhero movies. You might like Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, Firefly, or My Little Pony. Maybe youre an Anime fan – Attack on Titan anyone? Princess Mononoke? Or something totally different like Adventure Time, Sonic The Hedgehog, or Super Mario Brothers. Maybe you just really love Halo, Pitkin, or Super Smash Brothers, or run a D&D instance every weekend.

That super-obscure show you love? Someone else at the Con probably loves it too, your job is to FIND THEM. Whether youre a super-geek or just dipping your toe into the pop-culture arena, youre welcome at Fort Collins Comic Con.


There’s more to do than just dress up.

A huge part of Comic Con is getting to meet local artists and authors, buy one-of-a-kind prints of your favorite characters, get your favorite book signed, and shop for geeky collectables from local creators. In fact, there will be over 100 vendors for you to check out at Fort Collins Comic Con.

More than that, though, you can check out panels, hop on a drop-in game of D&D, check out a display of cool Lego models, learn how to 3D print or build your own set of armor, and tons more. There are even events JUST for kids – including face painting and a superhero training camp.


Not all Comic Cons are unreasonably huge.

Youve probably heard about cons with hundreds of thousands in attendance, like San Diegos Comic-Con or Denver Comic Con (which is now the 3rd largest Comic Con in the country).

Fort Collins Comic Con, though, is a bit smaller – capped at about 1,000 people. All badge sales benefit the Poudre River Public Library District. Since its at Northside Aztlan Community Center (112 Willow, directly across the street to the East from the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery), you can park pretty much anywhere in Old Town and walk in, or bike in and get some awesome prizes (like a free day pass to Miramont or a copy of Whensday The Movie).

That you dont have to drive for an hour and a half through I-25 traffic to get to your own citys Comic Con is pretty amazing and badges are going fast, so dont hold off or you might miss your chance to go! Ticket badges are just $20 for ages 13+, $10 for those 6-12, and FREE for those 5-and-under.

To learn more about Fort Collins Comic Con, to see the panel or vendor lineup, to volunteer, or to just snag a badge, go to