To Find Yer Next Book: Ye be Searchin’ and Scrollin’

Ahoy, me hearties! ‘Tis I, Cap’n Cache, here to be teachin’ ye how to find yer next favorite book. Tired of waitin’ for yer book to be available for checkout ‘cause all those other scallywags have it? Or maybe ye just want to find another book similar to ye favorite?  The online library catalog be the place to start!

I know what ye be thinkin’. “Blimey! The library catalog? Isn’t that just for searchin’ on the item I already be wantin’?”

Aye, that be one way to use the library catalog, but there be other exciting things to be findin’ in yer search.  Let’s be usin’ Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See as an example. When I be searchin’ for that novel awhile back on the catalog, the results be sayin’ “Not Available” and “19 holds on first copy returned of 48 copies.” Scupper that!  So I put that one on hold, but the Cap’n is headin’ out on a voyage tomorrow and be needin’ a book!


Use the online catalog to search for books & materials.
Step 1: Use the online catalog to search for your item.


But if I be scrollin’ down this search results page, I’ll be seein’ a bunch of recommendations based on me search for All the Light We Not Be Seein’.

Ye see right thar under the “Ye Might Also Like” heading? There be book and author recommendations.  There even be “more” buttons so I can be seein’ even more suggestions for me reading list.  Have any of ye read Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient? I be lovin’ that story, and I don’t be embarrassed to tell ye I cried.


Step 2: Scroll down and check out the book & author recommendations.
Step 2: Scroll down and check out the book & author recommendations.


Mateys! That not be all the loot ye find when ye scroll down! A bit farther down and I be seein’ more options for books. The first be “Why This Title Appeals to Readers” which be describin’ the feel of the book, and why so many pirates be likin’ it. Descriptions like “atmospheric” and “haunting” be right up me plank. I can be usin’ these terms to search for similar books that be hauntin’ or melancholy. I can be searchin’ based on the author’s writin’ style: “lyrical” or “compelling.” Either way, I be findin’ me some new books!


Step 3: Scroll some more for Appeals and reviews.
Step 3: Scroll some more for Appeals and reviews.


Below the appeals be book lists and reviews. I be clickin’ on the GoodReads and up pop the reviews. Well sink me! That be fantastic. Before I be committing to a book, the other pirates be givin’ me an idea of what they be thinkin’ about it.

Even though I didn’t get to checkin’ out All the Light We Be Seein’, I did leave with Adam Foulds’s In the Wolf’s Mouth. If ye be wantin’ to find Read-Alikes based on yer favorite books and authors, just be usin’ the Library catalog to search and scroll! Ye can search and scroll from yer bunk or at the library. And, of course, ye can always be askin’ a librarian for help.

Enjoy mateys!