Environmental & Science eResources for April’s Earth Week

Guest post by Cap’n Cache. Updated 4/18/19

Ahoy me hearties! Did ye miss ol’ Cap’n Cache while I be gone sailin’ the seas?

Well, I be back just in time to be tellin’ ye about library resources for Earth Week that be comin’ up this month. Yer 2017 Earth Week begins April 16 (that be Easter Sunday) and be goin’ ‘til April 22, the Earth Day!

It be a great time to dive into those environment and science-related topics that I be hearin’ about like the power that be from the sun (translation: solar power), the reusin’ of yer stuff (transl.: recycling), the explorin’ for fuels (transl.: energy and alternative fuels), or me favorite, the savin’ of the seas and the drinkin’ waters (transl.: water conservation).

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is one of many eco-friendly topics to learn about.

Be Readin’ and Researchin’ about the Issues

So first up, here be but a few o’ the Answer Cache resources fer yer readin’ and researchin’. Find them all on yer library homepage under the Research tab.

Environment (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

With this eResource, ye be easily searchin’ encyclopedias and specialized sources on yer environmental topics like achievin’ yer sustainability or if the climate be changin’. Savvy?


This database be workin’ just like yer other EBSCO resources so it be right jolly. GreenFILE be filled with articles from yer academic journals, general magazines, and government reports. I be findin’ information on petroleum, environmental justice, nuclear energy, and more!

Science FLIX

If ye be a teacher or a student, Science FLIX be perfect for writin’ fun science lessons, creatin’ science fair projects, and learnin’ about STEM (or as we be sayin’, STREAM). Tho I be an adult, I still be enjoyin’ the resources for ye kids (Grades 4-9).  Plus, ye can access Science FLIX and other Answer Cache resources from the comfort of yer ship if needs be.

Science Reference Center (EBSCO)

Blimey! The Science Reference Center be awesome for findin’ loads o’ resources like science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and more! I be researchin’ about subjects in earth sciences and physical sciences, but ye may be wantin’ info on life sciences or other ones. I then be readin’ from the likes of Scientific American and New Scientist.

What does your carbon footprint look like?

Go Digital and Be Boostin’ the Environment

Ye can be savin’ the trees by downloadin’ and readin’ eBooks, audiobooks, and eMagazines (tho by borrowin’ yer items from the library ye also be helpin’ the environment)!

Ye probably already know about yer options for downloadin’ yer books like OverDrive and RB Digital and hoopla. But ye can also get magazines on yer tablet, computer, and smart-y phone.

Ye can be accessin’ great environment and science articles through the library’s RB Digital digital magazine service. The collection (formerly called Zinio) includes yer science-like titles Popular Science, National Geographic, and Astronomy, plus many other great reads.

I also be knowin’ that some of the other eMagazines like Better Homes & Gardens and Mother Earth News be writin’ about livin’ green and bein’ eco-friendly.

Answer Cache with Captain Cache

So there ye have it mateys! A few useful digital resources to get ready for yer Earth Week.

Remember: the library be carryin’ many, many other items for ye. Stop on in to check them out. And, of course, ye can always be askin’ a librarian for help.

‘Til our next parley.