When Life Happens (and it happens to everyone)

We’ve all had it happen to us.

Even those of us who work at the library.

You set down the DVD you borrowed from the library, go to grab your popcorn, and return to find it being chewed on by your favorite furry friend.

Or, perhaps you turn your back for just one moment and your little one decides to turn the novel you’re reading into a picture book.

We chalk up these little “oops” moments to “life happens.” And it happens to everyone.

To celebrate all the ways that “life happens,” librarians at our Council Tree Library location created a fun display with actual library materials that were accidentally damaged (in some of the most interesting ways). If you didn’t get a chance to see the display, check out the photo slideshow below.

Now we understand that Fido gets rambunctious, little Tommy enjoys ripping paper, and your busy schedule has you less than focused sometimes. We just appreciate everyone returning the materials to us – because in some instances we can actually repair the items and put them back on the shelf – and we’re happy to work with you when life happens at your house.

Did your “oops” make the display? Enjoy.


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