Reading Provides a Lifetime of Benefits

By now you’ve probably heard that our annual Summer Reading Challenge in underway, but there’s still time to sign up to participate in the all-ages program, win prizes, have fun, and read great books!

If you’re still not convinced…Did you know that reading offers a lifetime of amazing benefits?

Thanks to decades of scientific and academic research, we know definitively that reading provides a lifetime of social, health, and cognitive benefits. The power of reading is alive at any age!

Here’s just a peek at some of the valuable boosts you get from reading as little as 15 minutes each day (and this includes listening to audiobooks).

Drop by any of the libraries to get registered for the Rock On! Summer Reading Challenge or to simply pick up a few books (or audiobooks or eBooks or magazines…). Our librarians can help you find great reads based on author or titles you already enjoy, or they’re happy to suggest some new ones.