Simple 3D Printing + Beautiful Artistic Touches = One Amazing Prosthetic Leg Cover

It’s always amazing what people come up with to design and print using the 3D printer at Old Town Library. We recently came across a great story from local artist Sarah Ezell, who was painting a beautiful Chinese phoenix on her friend’s prosthetic leg cover.

And if this wasn’t enough, Sarah wanted the leg cover to light up! Cue the Library District’s 3D printer.

Here’s what Sarah shared with us.

“I have a dear friend whose leg was amputated a few years back. She sent me her newest leg cover [made by Hanger Prosthetics in Dallas], and we came up with a few ideas for it, but most of all I wanted this one to light up.

“To do that, I needed a smaller battery.  So I decided to go with a coin button battery, but I had a hard time finding what I was really looking for. I stumbled across a [Poudre River Public Library District] Facebook post where a guy printed out a replacement piece for his snow boots and it clicked. I could print off what I needed.

A variety of 3D printed coin button battery holders for her project.

“I ran down to the library the next day and received a lot of great help while looking for the perfect project. I actually found a project through the resource links provided [on the library’s website] and printed out four coin battery holders that were more open than what I was finding online and just the color I needed, black. (At first I thought I printed too many. I melted one, broke one, needed to use one for the actual project and had a spare to make a mock up. In the end I got just what I needed and they were only .40 cents.)

Sarah used copper tape to keep the button battery holder in place and working.

“[The battery holder] may have been tiny, and you can’t see the 3D piece under the button cover, so it doesn’t get its justice. But this project just wouldn’t sparkle without it! Again, thank you so much for making this kind of technology available!”

Sarah’s final project includes a hand-painted Chinese phoenix that lights up.

Want to see more of Sarah’s project?

Read about Sarah’s entire creative process and see some more great photos on her website’s blog:

Want to 3D-print your own project?

Stop by Old Town Library’s computer lab to talk with our staff or visit our website for information on getting started.  The Library District also offers free 3D model and design classes using Tinkercad. Check out our online events calendar for upcoming workshops and information on how to register for a spot.