Thought Your Book Was Late? This One’s Nearly 40 Years Overdue

It’s a story that will make you laugh! It certainly made all of us at the Library District smile.

Recently, Poudre River Public Library District received an unexpected package in the mail. It contained an old Fort Collins Public Library book that was nearly 40 years overdue!

The long lost book? “Working with Stained Glass” by Jean Jacques Duval, written in 1972 and last checked out in October, 1978.

The book had been borrowed only six times since it had been added to the collection. We know this because the original check out card was still in its sleeve in the back of the book.

The package also came with a letter to the Library, apologizing and urging us to put the book back on the shelf for the next person to borrow.

At the current rate of $0.10 per day, an overdue book like this would have cost the borrower $1,460! But the Library isn’t cashing in. While the 46-year-old book may not make its way back on to the library shelves, we certainly appreciate that it was returned to us.

He also shared some photos of the work he created using the techniques he learned from Duval’s book, so we know that the book was well-used during it’s time away from the Library.

Since 1978, the techniques and applications of working with stained glass may not have changed much, but the publishing industry and public libraries certainly have. Today, we have many books available – in color – about working with stained glass! And, while they may not have the Duval name attached to them (read more about Jean Jacques Duval and Duval Studios online), the books’ authors and artists are still enthusiastic about glass art.

Check out these and other stained glass books from the Library.

  1. 40 Great Stained Glass Projects by Michael Johnston
  2. Basic Stained Glass Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started by Eric Ebeling
  3. Creative Stained Glass: Modern Designs & Simple Techniques by Christine Kellman Stevenson
  4. Creative Techniques for Stained Glass by Cliff Kennedy
  5. Great Stained Glass Projects for Beginners by Sandy Allison
  6. Making Stained Glass Lamps by Michael Johnston

Want to take a glass art class?

Take a look at these organizations and artists offering workshops for people of all skill levels. (NOTE: there may be costs associated with these classes.)

AEI Studio & Gifts offers beginner stained glass classes for adults (Windsor).

City of Fort Collins Recreator lists upcoming classes.

Fort Collins Creator Hub is an awesome Makerspace that offers stained glass classes.

Northern Colorado Stained Glass Supply offers classes for all skill levels (LaPorte).

So, cheers to lifelong learning and always staying curious! #ConnectToCuriosity