How Do You Connect to Your Library? 

Libraries are more than 3,000 years old. Through the centuries, they’ve developed into rich community centers offering entertainment, books, classes, digital resources and much more. 

Across the nation this week, libraries are celebrating National Library Week. The special week recognizes the incredible contributions of libraries to their communities in addition to the multitude of services (funded by tax dollars) that are available for free to community members. 

This year’s theme is “connecting with your Library.”  

We asked local leaders and community members what libraries mean to them and got so many wonderful responses!  

From formative relationships with librarians to community access, and from resources to creative programming, people like Congressman Joe Neguse, Mayor of Fort Collins Jeni Arndt, and local authors Laura Resau and Laura Pritchett are all Library lovers who have found different ways to connect to their libraries. 

Read more about what our community said about National Library Week below! 

Local Author, Laura Resau 

“I feel forever grateful to public libraries for sparking my journey to becoming an author. Decades ago, my wonderful childhood librarian handed me the novels that inspired me to one day write my own children’s books. (And we’re still friends!)”

Laura Resau

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Mayor of Fort Collins, Jeni Ardnt 

“Public libraries, and in particular the libraries in the Poudre River Public Library District here in Fort Collins, serve as one of the cornerstones of our community. They are a fantastic public resource where residents of all ages can enjoy learning.”

Jeni Ardnt

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Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys Owner, Becca Bramhall 

“One of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor of my hometown library pulling book after book off of the shelf trying to decide which ones I would take home for the week. I am now in my late 50s and I feel quite anxious if I do not have a stack of library books by my bed.  I am at the Old Town branch most weekends feeding my life-long love of reading by searching the stacks for books that will take me on a new journey into another life, another sensibility, another way of being human. Reading is my escape and my passion, and my therapy and my joy. I rarely buy books. There is something about the knowledge that so many others have held this very book and read this very story that I find comforting.” 

Becca Bramhall

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Colorado State University President Joyce McConnell 

“Libraries have been essential to me from my childhood.  I still remember my elementary school librarian, who recognized that I was a big reader and used to set books aside for me.  Because of her, I read The Borrowers, Blue Willow, and a host of biographies of great women. I can’t imagine what my life’s journey might have been without my early access to libraries—and wonderful librarians!”  

Joyce Mcconnell

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Congressman Joe Neguse 

“The importance of public libraries in Colorado’s Second Congressional District cannot be understated. As community epicenters, libraries provide lovers of learning, both young and old, with a place to foster their interests and dive deeper into their academic aspirations. Growing up in Colorado, and attending public schools in the state, gave me the opportunity to take advantage of all the programs and resources that libraries here offer and I am looking forward to the day that my daughter Natalie is able to spend afternoons with her friends doing the same. As times change, Colorado’s public libraries are progressing too. I am grateful for their ability to adapt resources for online-learning throughout the Coronavirus and look forward to seeing all the ways in which they will continue to grow in all the years to come.” 

Joe Neguse

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Local Author, Laura Pritchett 

“One of my first memories is lugging books home from the Steamboat Springs and Fort Collins libraries. I dreamed of being a writer—indeed, on the first page of my first journal at age 7 or 8, I wrote, “I want to be a writer someday, just like Laura Ingalls Wilder.” When I walked in those same libraries as an adult to do readings as an author, I was stunned by the strength of emotions. I had done it! With the help of libraries, of course.” 

Laura Pritchett

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Larimer County Commissioner John Kefalas 

“As a kid growing up in NYC, libraries were an essential learning outlet, and I still remember the jingle, it’s the greatest, it’s the latest, it’s the library… Libraries are one of the cornerstones of our American democracy, a safe place for anyone to access information and explore the universe, regardless of socio-economic status. Our local libraries are very community oriented and inclusive, and these days I connect with the library through our 4-year-old granddaughter and the children’s books that we read together.” 

John Kefalas

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Turtle Mountain Kombucha Owner, Natalie DiSantos 

“One of my proudest accomplishments is finishing the entire Wheel of Time series in less than a year. I’ve read Lord of the Rings at least seven times (including the appendices) and am just a massive fan of fantasy, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. Public libraries and public school libraries were my haven as a child. I spent hours sorting through books and escaping into worlds much more brilliant than my own. It is amazing to me how the same tale can affect you in different ways throughout your life. As a parent, my son and I spend a lot of time at the library. We love reading, telling each other stories, making words rhyme, and creating riddles. Language and storytelling are some of the most interesting, timeless, and entertaining creations of humankind and I thank the library for making books available to everyone!!” 

Natalie DiSantos

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Local Musician, Bevin Luna 

“Growing up we lived in many different cities because we were a military family. From story time as a kid to knowledge quests as an adult, the library has always been a refuge and a grounding wire where I could orient myself. Local libraries provide access to information, escape through stories, and the opportunity to learn about any topic or skill set without limitations. I feel a sense of freedom with libraries that is very empowering. I treasure libraries because they connect me to my community through books and technology and they provide welcomed silence from the very busy outside world.” 

Bevin Luna

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City of Fort Collins Equity and Inclusion Officer, Claudia Menendez 

“The Poudre River Public Library is a gem in our community. The staff is brilliant at creating enriching engagement opportunities for the whole family. They are in tune with the unique needs of our community and include programming that is diverse, innovative, and highly imaginative. I admire how they were able to provide so many opportunities during the toughest time of pandemic and now continue the creative momentum to think outside the box. The staff is truly remarkable and partnerships with the Poudre River Public Library are productive and always exciting and fun!” 

Claudia Menendez

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Local Musician, Saja Butler 

“A library was the reason I chose my college to attend! I saw the library at the University of Tennessee and told my dad ‘I have to go here.’ And I did. As a child, I spent so many years in the downtown Greenville, SC library due to my mom volunteering there.  Libraries have been a natural part of my life. They are great places to read, check out movies and music, people watch, attend workshops, and a great hub for our community. Long live libraries!” 

Saja Butler, Urban Monk Studios

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Star Trek Extraordinaire and Physicist, Dr. Erin Mcdonald 

“The thing I love about public libraries is they are a portal to understanding a community. Whenever I move somewhere new, the library is one of my first stops; it’s a free concierge to a new city that provides resources and events, in addition to the books and media most associated with the public library. The font of knowledge and passion one can uncover in a library is second-to-none. I love being able to stop by my library on the way home and grab a totally new book, whether it’s one a friend recommended or simply trying something new, the excitement that accompanies this discovery makes up for anything that went on that day.”

Dr. Erin Macdonald

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Local Musician, Sean Lamborne 

“I have always loved libraries. It began my love of words, books, lyrics, and poetry. I became a librarian to be a reflection of the helpful librarians throughout my life – and I became a musician to share what I learned at libraries. Borrowing books and DVDs, browsing without expectation, downloading audiobooks to my phone…I use the library all the time. Got a question? Ask a librarian! Support libraries – They are there to support you!”

Sean Lamborne

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Colorado State University’s mascot, Cam the Ram 

“Libraries are am-a-a-a-zing and such a great place to find your CAM-munity.” 

CAM the Ram

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Happy National Library Week Poudre Libraries!