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Non-Profits and Networking

By Amada Simental, Business and Nonprofit Librarian The Nonprofit Networking Group community met once again early September at the Harmony Library for a morning of learning and networking. Our guest speaker, Mike Roque, joined the conversation to share his nonprofit expertise. As an experienced nonprofit professional, Mike is passionate about nonprofit operational success. Mike spent …

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Disability Pride Month Book List

By Wendy Pillard, Bilingual Library Assistant Learn more about Disability Pride Month, a month celebrating the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act with some hand-picked choices! We hope you enjoy our picks. Adult Fiction  Teen Non-Fiction  Children’s Non-Fiction  Children’s Fiction 

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Queer Voices, Queer Stories: A Pride Collection

By Graham Lier and Ben Warner Learn more about the LGBTQ+ community with hand-picked choices that include fiction and non-fiction as well as young adults and children’s choices. We hope you enjoy our picks; after you choose a great read, scroll to the bottom of the page to learn some local queer history. Click the …

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A Book List for Jewish American Heritage Month

By Arysa Flores (Library Assistant), Chris Lederhos (Computer Lab Monitor), and Julianna Web (Customer Experience Representative) We’re celebrating Jewish Heritage Month! Jewish Americans have made boundless contributions to the fabric of society, culture, art, science, and more. To this day, Jewish Americans face faith-based discrimination and ethnic discrimination; the strength of their communities is a …

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Arab American Heritage Month: A Book List

By Customer Experience Representative, Nicole Chipp To celebrate Arab American Heritage Month, let’s all pick up a book written by Arab American authors! Many of these books focus on the struggles Arab Americans face due to xenophobia and islamophobia. These issues hit a peak after 9/11 and President Bush’s War on Terror. To combat these …