Acing Yer CPA with Answer Cache

What’s yer CPA ye ask? Well, I’ll tell ye. It’s yer Certified Pirate Accreditation, and once ye’ve earned it, ye join famous pirates like me self and Cap’n Jack Sparrow. Bein’ a pirate require attitude, swagger, a general knowledge of pirate culture and o’ course good looks.

Some Tips
1. Know how t’ swim fer goodness sake. A violent storm will surely be yer demise if ye can’t swim t’ shore.
2. Be dressin’ like a pirate. Boots, jackets, blouses, vests and o’ course a hat. A pirate be nothin’ with out his hat.
3. Equip yerself with a pirate name. Sorry lad, the name James Smith ain’t gonna cut it on the high seas. Savvy?

Brushin’ up on pirate culture be easy with the Answer Cache. Search under the “Research” tab on the Poudre River Libraries website for MasterFILE (EBSCO) or Searchasaurus for tons o’ info on bein’ a pirate, actin’ like a pirate, eatin’ like a pirate, sailin’ like a pirate, talkin’ like a pirate… well ye get the idea. There be a great article on Searchasaurus called “How to be a pirate: Taking fashion cues from Jack Sparrow” that’ll give ye lots of tips and pirate lingo.

Pirate Lingo
If ye plan to certify ye self in piracy, ye need to know how to speak like a swashbuckler (a term for pirates).

Ahoy!– An energetic greeting, hello
Avast ye!– Stop, hold up
Aye– Yes
Booty– A pirates treasure
Sail ho– An expression alertin’ ship mates o’ another ship
Savvy?– Do ye get what I’m sayin’?
Shiver me timbers!– An expression of shock or surprise
Wet me pipe– To quench yer thirst

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