Nonprofit Funding Advice From A Townie

I am part of the demographic that was raised here; had the opportunity to explore other parts of the country, then returned, fully vetted in the knowledge that Fort Collins is an incredible city.  In fact, my high school buddies and I had a term for it, “the great magnet,” as in, you can never defy the great magnet…I couldn’t defy it, the lure was too great.  City Manager, Darin Atteberry, in a recent Coloradoan article, serendipitously addresses the same topic I’ve contemplated for decades.  Atteberry writes, “So many of our residents, could, theoretically, live anywhere in the world, and yet they choose Fort Collins. This is home not simply because people physically live here, but because so many feel an emotional connection to our community and our culture.”

Nonprofit organizations of Northern Colorado without argument, add to what makes Fort Collins such an amazing place to call home, they are part of the “emotional connection,” the magnetizing force that binds us to this place– enhancing our quality of life.

I’d like to invite the Fort Collins nonprofit community to check us out.  Library resources, and personalized attention from me, will make your search for funding less painful and more productive. One resource to be aware of is the Foundation Center Directory Online. This database profiles more than 110,000 U.S. grantmakers; it also offers proposal writing guides, and tips on how to apply for grants.

This free resource is available in-house at both the Harmony and Old Town Libraries.

I am available to provide workshops and one-on-one instruction to nonprofit organizations, and individuals within the Library District on the use of the Foundation Center Directory. Additionally, I’ll be offering classes on searching the Foundation Center as will as hosting webinars, make sure to periodically check our online or printed calendar for updates and information. And finally, I may be a reference librarian, but perhaps more importantly, I’m also a townie. A townie who is emotionally connected to her community, who wants nothing more than to see her beloved home continue to thrive.  So what I can do as a reference librarian/townie, is to serve as a conduit between library resources and your nonprofit, making your job a wee bit easier.

Call or email me for an appointment, and I will be glad to show you how to get started!