Why Your Small Business Needs Plunkett Research

You NEED this level of research and industry information before making business-critical decisions such as vital industry trends, how individual industries work today and where they’ll be tomorrow.

Consider this:

The number of apps on the market has become so massive that consumers are less likely to be willing to sort through app stores to find useful tools. Instead, to a growing extent, individuals rely on recommendations from friends, emails from trusted sources, and magazine reviews in order to find new apps to download. Many smartphone users have downloaded a large number of apps, but only use a few of them on a regular basis.

Since the development of apps requires extensive programming and creative services, the app industry encompasses revenues and fees far beyond app store revenues. For example, corporate spending on app development has been soaring. Also, a large number of software companies have achieved success in selling app development tools and platforms to software coders.

Xenko GameStudio

A study published in January 2016 called Unleashing Innovation and Growth by the Progressive Policy Institute estimated that mobile apps had spawned 1.66 million current U.S. jobs, including jobs that could be described as direct, indirect, and spillover employment.

One of the most closely watched developments in the technology sector, especially in electronic gaming, is virtual reality or VR. Analysts at TrendForce estimate the 2016 global market for VR hardware, software, and games at $6.7 billion. In addition to gaming, potential major uses for VR include training/education as well as entertainment in general.

California-based Oculus launched a virtual reality headset priced at $599 in March 2016 that makes virtual reality seem startlingly lifelike. Its Oculus Rift headset makes stereoscopic 3D gaming players feel immersed in the game, using components that are commonly found in smartphones and tablets. This is sometimes referred to as “immersion” gaming.

You don’t have to be a business librarian to find this information useful. If you’re developing apps or wanting to publish online games, you NEED to know this information. For example, if you want to make a living from the app you developed then you need to know that the platforms get about a 30% cut of any revenue generated from your app.

All of the information shared in this blog post comes from Poudre River Public Library District’s subscription database, Plunkett Research Online, a service that gives you instant access to vital information and organized on an industry-specific basis for 42 vital industry sectors such as Computer Software and IT Industry, eCommerce and the Internet, Green Technology, Manufacturing and Robotics, Energy and Utilities, Chemical, and Coatings and Plastics. Plunkett provides accurate, timely, innovative market research, industry statistics, company profiles and executive contact list.

We’ve used it for clients who need market research in the games industry, engineering, transportation, and supplies and logistics industries. Take a look at the information available and see how Plunkett Research can help your business. Its extremely useful for conducting market research, looking for business prospects, writing a business plan, planning a business strategy or looking for a job.

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