How I Be Connectin’ to Me Curiosity

by Captain Cache

Ahoy mateys! And a good New Year to ye! If ye be like me, makin’ resolutions to be readin’ and learnin’ in 2018, then ye best be gettin’ to yer library.

I finally be readin’ all the Percy Jackson & The Olympians books this month and it be getting’ me all curious about mythology and Mount Olympus!

Those scallywags – er, librarians – here at yer Library District showed me how to research Greek gods and goddesses using the Answer Cache so I can be learnin’ more about these folks.

There be an eResource collection available through GALE Virtual Reference Library called Religion / Philosophy that be havin’ great eBooks about everything from folklore and mythology to philosophy and world religions. ‘Course I be goin’ for the Encyclopedia of World Mythology first.

The GALE Religion/Philosophy eResources includes information on mythology, folklore, philosophy, and religion.


Blimey! There be tons o’ cultural mythologies in the world beyond those Greeks. Did ye know about the Norse gods? Frightful folks some of ‘em! And the Hindu gods? Shiver me timbers, they’re exciting!

Anyway, back to yer Percy Jackson series. In the story, Percy be the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea and the brother of the mighty Zeus. I used the Encyclopedia of World Mythology to get started learnin’ more about this god of the sea – after all, Poseidon’s the guy I should be knowin’ as I sail the ocean!

There be an entire section on Posiedon including his family lineage and all of his great adventures. After reading about him, I decided I might be takin’ on a quest of me own in the spirit of heroes like Odysseus. (I wouldn’t mind seein’ those beautiful Sirens for me-self…from far, far away, of course.)

I also picked up some new ideas fer more great myths and folklore books like:

The Cronus Chronicles by Anne Ursu;

The Odyssey by Homer;

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman;

The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp by Rick Yancey; and

Pretty much anything by Joseph Campbell.

Ask a scallywag, er, library staff member, to help you find myths, legends, folklore, and other great stories.


Research also took me to another part of yer Religion/Philosophy eResource – in the World Religions eBook! Not only does this eResource talk about Greco-Roman religion and philosophy, but it be sharin’ their influences on classical thought, Christianity and other religions, and even on yer science. So now a gotta be thinkin’ about other philosophies and such!

Sink me! I be makin’ all these connections because I first be curious about mythology!

To get to yer GALE Religion / Philosophy online, start at yer Library website (, then click on yer Research tab, and then click on the “Religion / Philosophy” category.

Where yer curiosity be takin’ ye this year? Find yer next adventure at yer Library – those scallywags, I mean librarians, are ready to help ye find great books and information!

Now I be getting’ back to the adventures of Percy Jackson. I hear there be a movie version of The Lightning Thief to be watchin’.