How to Get Personalized Book Recommendations with SelectReads

What Should I Read Next?

Before I worked in a library, occasionally I would find myself in a common dilemma that we readers sometimes find ourselves in: what to read next?

Have you ever wanted to read something – anything – but had no idea what you wanted to read? In recent years I’ve picked up a lot of library tricks (okay, maybe skills is a better word) along the way to help me with this issue.

Because I come into contact with so many titles and authors, when I select a book, I check in with myself first.

What kind of mood am I in? Do I want to explore the psychological depths of a well-crafted thriller? Do I want to time-travel with historical fiction or nonfiction, and if so, where to: the Holy Roman Empire and the Renaissance, a polar expedition to the Antarctic, the American Gold Rush in Colorado (or California, or the Klondike)?

Or do I want to “live” in another life through a biography? Should it be something gossipy and tantalizing about a rock star or celebrity, or solid with undeniable (or questionable) facts about a history maker?

Is it time to take on that classic I’ve been considering for years? (Maybe “War and Peace” at last!) How much time do I have available to invest in a book at the moment, and how many pages does it have?

As a library customer, what choices do you have? A key service that Poudre River Public Libraries offers is Readers’ Advisory. Any library customer can work one-on-one with library staff to determine what specific title they would enjoy reading, especially if they haven’t any idea of what to read.

But what if the library is closed or a staff member isn’t readily accessible?

Another avenue the Library District has available to you is the various SelectReads newsletters. These newsletters are arranged by genres and areas of interest, and for children, by age. We also offer newsletters specifically for Spanish-language readers.


Access SelectReads

A direct link to SelectReads is available from the Readers’ Café page of the Library website. To get to the Readers’ Café from the homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find it under Resources.

From the Readers Café page, you simply click on the SelectReads icon and you’ll be taken to the sign-up page where you’ll have a few different options to tailor book recommendations to your own interests. Subscriptions are completely anonymous.

From the Library homepage, scroll down to Readers’ Cafe. On the Readers’ Cafe page, choose SelectReads.


1  Monthly Newsletters (by Areas of Interest, Genres, and Ages)

The SelectReads webpage defaults to Monthly Newsletters. Here, you can select as many newsletters as you are interested in exploring. You subscribe to receive your chosen newsletters by filling out the basic information on the right side of the page: your name (optional) and your email address. You will receive an email confirmation once you’ve completed the signup.

SelectReads defaults to the Monthly Newsletter subscription option.


2  Web Newsletters (for Historical Fiction, Horror Fiction, and Literary Fiction)

If you’re interested in receiving newsletters on Historical Fiction, Horror Fiction, or Literary Fiction, click on the second tab, Web Newsletters, which will bring up the page below.

Choose the newsletters you are interested in receiving using the “Select” option in the lower right corner. A √ will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the newsletter after you’ve selected it. Again, you’ll need to fill in the subscription information to complete the sign up.

You can also preview the newsletter by clicking on the lower left side of the newsletter icon or by clicking on the links above.

Choose SelectReads’ Web Newsletters if you’re interested in horror, historical fiction, or literary fiction.


3  MySelectReads

Another option is to create personalized newsletter selections by clicking on the tab MySelectReads and searching for specific topics. This page allows you to turn the Library’s collection into your own personal book shelf!

For example, I searched for the topics “family,” “humor,” and “music” and found subjects that I would like to explore further with book suggestions. Click “I like this subject” to add it to your personalized book shelf.

Search for and choose as many subjects as you want to create your own personalized book shelf.


Subscribe to MySelectReads to begin receiving weekly Your Personal Library Newsletter with the focus on these subjects.

SelectReads is a fast an easy service to help you find your next book in a quick and logical manner when library staff is not available. Unsubscribe anytime you wish, but we think you’ll be happy the suggestions you receive.

Happy Reading!