Starring the Library District’s virtual mascot, Capt’n Cache, and Bookmark Bill!

Ahoy library lubbers!

‘Tis I, Capt’n Cache, here to tell ye about an excitin’ new project I be part of.

As ye may already know, I be takin’ my job with yer library pretty seriously! After all, it be my role to make sure that yer public be knowin’ all about the amazin’ free online resources available at yer libraries. We be callin’ it our Answer Cache, tho’ some of ye might be thinkin’ of it as eResources or databases or even online research tools.

To spread the word about yer Answer Cache, I’ve decided to create a new podcast series: Captain Cache’s Curiosities Podcast. Here I be tellin’ ye more about all the great tools in the Answer Cache like yer Brainfuse and yer Consumer Reports. This be especially important as ye be headin’ back to school and have to be doin’ that homework!

My first podcast episode, “Introducing Captain Cache,” recalls how I found me-self joinin’ yer other library mascots and promotin’ the library. Give it a listen on iTunes or ye can listen via this here blog.

Each episode be short ‘n sweet – providin’ info on yer Library’s digital tools and occasionally droppin’ fun trivia and history. Be sure t’ subscribe to the podcast so ye don’t be missin’ any episodes.

Got an eResource ye want to be learnin’ more about? Let me know and I see what I can do with me podcast, but also be sure to be askin’ one of those scallywags – I mean, those librarians – next time ye be visitin’ yer library.