Ahoy mateys! Sorry ye haven’t heard from the ol’ Capt’n Cache in a wee bit. But I be recoverin’ in me ship’s cabin from a bit of an illness. I won’t be goin’ into the details of what kept me from the seas, but it be enough to tell ye that I promise to be takin’ better care of me-self from now on. I don’t want to be headin’ down to Davy Jones’ Locker before me time.

My recent respite just be underscorin’ how important it is to be takin’ control of me health and makin’ sure I’m up on me basic medical knowledge. If ye be anything like yer pirate here, health care can be leavin’ you confused and scratchin’ yer head. Especially when yer physician be usin’ unfamiliar medical jargon or don’t quite be explainin’ information in a way ye can understand.

Fortunately, yer Library District can be helpin’ you out. When I first be visitin’ me doctor to get a diagnosis, I made sure to also be doin’ me own research. Those scallywags at the library – I mean, those librarians – be pointin’ me in the right direction to find reliable, up-to-date medical information. This way I can be actively participatin’ in me own care and workin’ with the doctor to make decisions and get better.

I be consultin’ a few of yer Library’s online health and wellness resources that be in the Answer Cache. One of the resources I be likin’ almost more than I be likin’ treasure is Consumer Health Complete. Like its title be suggestin’, this digital resource be for consumers like you and me. Its designed to support yer needs with a variety of health-related topics from yer common cold to that ol’ pirate curse, scurvy.

Plus, the Consumer Health Complete be offerin’ a quick search to find information and current research on yer disease, condition, injury, or even yer upcomin’ procedure. And not only that, but it be coverin’ both yer mainstream medicine along with ye complementary, holistic, and integrated medicines.

How’s that fer comprehensive coverage?

Now one of the other research databases I be usin’ is called Medline Plus. This source even has a Spanish-language version that ye can be accessin’ called Medline Espanol. Both of these be a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and yer National Institutes of Health. I be researchin’ loads of information in Medline like the latest treatments, current research and clinical trials, definitions of those big terms me doctor be usin’, and even information about me prescription drugs and supplements. And, all of that data be provided in a language I be understandin’.

Of course Consumer Health Complete and Medline arrrren’t the only health and medicine resources at yer Library. The Answer Cache also be includin’ the Gale Virtual Reference Library for Medicine and a General Health database. All of these be offerin’ great information as well as guides for talkin’ with yer doctor and understandin’ yer health history.

Blimey! Medical info can be overwhelmin’. Especially when it be changin’ so quickly. But when you be accessin’ useful research and data, then you can be makin’ good decisions about yer health and medical care.

I be continuin’ me recovery from the comfort of me cabin and not be goin’ off on any adventures fer awhile. Those be the doctor’s orders! So until our next parley, I hope ye be takin’ care of yerself and the pirates at home.