1-2-3 Brain Break: Build a Blanket Fort

Brain Breaks are short activities, often only 1-3 minutes long, that help kids get ready to learn or refocus on the task at hand. They often involve physical activity and movement though relaxing activities can also boost mental brain power.

So in addition to encouraging your kids to participate in these fun breaks, join the kiddos and have some refreshing, stress-free fun yourself, too!

Supplies needed: 

Extra blankets, pillows

Here’s what you do: 

Build a cozy spot just for you! Round up extra blankets, sheets and pillows from your home. Look around your room and figure out what you can use to create a frame for the fort. Tables, chair backs, furniture can all be used to drape your blankets over.

If you have any of the following supplies at home, they can also be used to hold up blankets: clothes line, clothes pins, extra curtain rod, binder clips, chip clips. Fabrics like sheets have less weight to pull them down and are a good option for the highest points in your fort. Use heavier and plush blankets on the floor for extra padding. Add pillows to make the space comfy.

Tip: it’s extra fun at night with a flashlight!

Challenge Extensions: 

For the little ones – Add stuffed animals, favorite books, and toys to make the space more inviting. Young children love to have a protected place that’s just for them.

For the older kids - How far can your blanket fort go? Can your blanket fort cover the whole room? Can you create tunnels and different sections in the blanket fort? You may need to slide some furniture around (with help from parents/guardians) or bring in extra supplies like rope and duct tape. Add twinkly lights for the full effect.

“The Why” behind the Challenge: 

Children benefit when they are given opportunities for autonomy and independence. Building a blanket fort lets them create a safe space just for themselves and to have control over the physical spaces in their lives. Plus, it can become a fun reading nook and a cheery way to spend winter days indoors.

Check out these books for more fun! 

The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier

Fort Building Time by Megan Wagner Lloyd

Ty’s Travels: All Aboard by Kelly Starling Lyons

The Fort: 3-D Shapes by Joshua Martin