Exploration Centers and Collaborative Coloring at Old Town Library

Next time you visit the Old Town Library, be sure to wander over to the Storytime Room in the Children’s Area, because we have something special going on! Since Storytimes have moved outdoors for the summer, this room has been taken over by fun self-guided activities that will help you connect to curiosity. Most of these activities are intended for kids age 5-12 and their caregivers, but we do have some things that would be of interest to teens and adults, as well.

There are two types of activities: 1. Exploration Centers that explore retro technology, like record players and boom boxes and 2. Collaborative Coloring stations where you can contribute your artistic skills.

These activities are open during Old Town Library open hours. Storytime Room capacity is limited, so please be mindful of how much time you spend. We ask that you take 15 minute turns at each station. Read on to find out more (and then come visit!).

Exploration Centers: Retro Technology

The Exploration Centers include a record player, boom box, and CD/cassette player combos. They are intended to provide a hands-on tech experience with devices many visitors may have never seen before. Exploring these devices can help develop fine motor skills for younger kids (pushing buttons, turning knobs, opening cases, etc.) and generally, expand awareness of tech devices. These stations can also help develop patience and delayed gratification, because the user has to perform a series of tasks to make the device work, instead of just touching a screen for instant results. We also hope that the Exploration Centers will pique your curiosity about how things work and how data and music was stored prior to digital technology.

All ages are welcome to use the Exploration Centers, but they are suggested for ages 5-12. Supervision is required for children under age 7. When are listening to these devices, remember to be mindful of headphone volume and follow the guidelines:

  • Green circle is ideal
  • Yellow circle is louder
  • Orange circle is the loudness limit–do not turn volume up louder than the limit

We have also recently added a record player upstairs at the Old Town Library for teens and adults to explore!

Collaborative Coloring

In addition to the Retro Technology Centers, check out the cool collaborative coloring activity in the Old Town Library Storytime Room. We have giant coloring posters for community members to add their flair – all ages are welcome to contribute. Washable markers are available for shared use. You will be given a designated space to color and we ask that you stay within that area to be mindful of others. Children under 5 should be supervised while they color.

Come on in and share your creativity!

Of course, if you need any assistance while using the Exploration Centers or Collaborative Coloring stations, library staff is always happy to help. Enjoy connecting to your curiosity!