By Bonnie Post, Library Assistant

Your library card can unlock worlds of possibilities; one of these worlds is the excellent learning resource, PebbleGo! Access this wonderful resource that provides a wealth of exciting and fun activities to reinforce learning. 

Use PebbleGo for Free!

PebbleGo is designed for beginner readers Kindergarten through 3rd grade and is also a wonderful resource for educators of those ages.  

Sign in is easy! Go to our website’s research page, search PebbleGo and click on the link, then choose from 5 subject areas; Animals, Science, Biographies, Social Studies or Health and start your exploration! 

Safe, simple and engaging research is organized into five modules. This resource includes hundreds of articles for reading a broad selection of topics such as animals, biographies, health, earth and space, and social studies.  

The format is laid out in bright, simple to follow pages. It’s easy to use!  

PebbleGo has a function to read it to you, with highlighted vocabulary words. There is a fun “surprise me” spinner that you can click and look at a random topic from the many options. 

For example, if you have a report due on alligators: search in the box, and click enter. {Alligators on PebbleGo} 

At the top of the page, PebbleGo supplies a pathway of what you are looking at in their content:  

Home> Animals > Reptiles > Alligators 

You can find out what they eat, where they live, and how much they weigh! 

Did you know that Alligators can go 2 years without eating?! 

Ease of Use  

Let’s say you were interested in owls. You narrow down your topic starting with  “animals,” then “birds,” then “birds of prey,” and there on that page, you can choose between owls, and snowy owls. 

Here at the foot of that page, there are buttons for a video clip of the owls, a sound clip, and an activity sheet you can print out!

Activity Sheet about Snowy Owls 

It also includes a map of where they live in the world!  Did you know that Snowy Owls may lay as many as 11 eggs at a time?  

Report creation:  

When you need to author a report for school, there is even a citation creator. Here is one created for Alligators:  

“Alligators.” PebbleGo, Capstone, 2 Nov. 2022, 

Available in Spanish: 

Except for Dinosaurs, all content can be read in Spanish. Toggle between languages using the language button at the top of the page.

Did you know that Fiordland Penguins cheeks turn white when they are scared? 

PebbleGo for your Classroom, or Home

This is a trustworthy beginner’s encyclopedia with engaging activities for elementary students to use independently to explore interests whether they are just engaged to learn something new, or gathering information for a school assignment.  

Teachers can also use the Activity sheets for curriculum support. It could also be used to find discussion content.  

Please investigate PebbleGo for a rich educational and entertaining learning resource, easily accessed with your Poudre River Public Library card! 

Start exploring today!