Updated 12/12/2018 with Captain Cache podcast episode.


Ahoy Mateys and a Happy New Year to ye!

With the season’s cold and icy waters, I be hunkered down in me Cap’n’s quarters. In an attempt to be festive, I’ve been researchin’ new year’s around the world and have found some pretty interestin’ facts! Did ye know Kazakhstan’s traditional New Year is called Nauryz and is held March 22? Here’s a list o’ six other interestin’ New Year facts. To aid me search, I used the CultureGrams database in the Answer Cache (under the Reasearch Tab at PoudreLibraries.org).

1. Nepal’s new year be in mid-April.

2. In Vietnam, e’eryone celebrates their birthday on the Lunar New Year which usually falls between January and February. It begins on the first day o’ the first month and ends the third day accordin’ to the Vietnamese calendar.

3. In Bangladesh, political and cultural holidays follow the Western calendar, while religious holidays follow the lunar calendar. The New Year (known as Pahela Baishak) be determined by a Bangla calendar and also be celebrated in mid-April.

4. New Years in Costa Rica be a time for buckos, family, grub and all ’round good cheer. Tamales and chicharrones are typical foods served durin’ the celebrations, and people dance, sing, and light off fireworks. Aye, but people also stop the festivities to eat a quiet meal with their families before returnin’ to their parties at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

5. New Years in India depends on whether ye be livin’ in the north or south. In the north, the new year is called Baisakhi and marks the beginnin’ o’ the harvest season. In the south, the New Year is called Ugadi and people exchange gifts and decorates their houses with mango leaves in preparation for the holiday. In both regions o’ the country, the International New Year (January 1) is celebrated by all with parties.

6. Rosh Hashanah, an Israeli holiday, celebrates the Jewish New Year. The two-day holiday be a time for self-reflection. Many people spend time thinkin’ ’bout their goals for the next year and how to go abouts achievin’ them, much like America’s new year’s resolutions.

Speakin’ o’ New Year’s resolutions, what are yours this year? Mine be spendin’ more time out on me boat, spendin’ less time huntin’ down truly long-lost treasure, and spendin’ at least one day a week learnin’ new things usin’ the Answer Cache (after all, I am the mascot).

Happy 2015 to ye all!