Build It and They Will Come… and they did!

Just six years after building Council Tree Library some updates were needed. Anyone that has built a custom home can attest to the fact that no matter how many times you stare at the blueprints, there is always the realization after the house is actually built, you wish you had changed a couple of things,,, and that is what we had to do. Council Tree Library was built on the southeast side of town because of the continued growth of population in that area. In 2014 an average of 946 people came through the library doors every day with a circulation of more than 37,000 items per month. Storytimes alone averaged almost 13,000 in attendance for the year! This hard working and efficient library was ready for a little face lift.

The new changes are in 5 of the areas in the library:

1- The front circulation desk was updated to give staff better access to customers, now it is easier to get and move to help with customer questions.

2- As one of the busiest areas of the library, the children’s computer area has been updated with a new countertop and iPad stations.  The walled area has been changed to help with the traffic flow of strollers and families moving through to the Storytime Room.

3- Cabinets in the Storytime Room have been switched up for ones with more storage.

4- There are a few changes to some of the material shelves to leverage the limited floor space for increasing amount of library customers.

5- Changes have been made in the staff areas to adjust for greater circulation counts, greater staff needs, as well as a new office for the library manager.

Come in and see these small but exciting updates! These additions will continue our mission of better customer service, by gaining more floor space to move through the library, and alleviating those crowded stress points that we missed on the blueprints!

New entryway into the Children's Area
New entryway into the Children’s Area