Book club members, are you tired of doing all the research and tracking down enough copies of a book for your club? The Poudre River Public Library District has you covered. Our Book Club Kits contain everything a group facilitator needs to run a successful club in one easy-to-use plastic tub.

Each kit holds ten books, a notebook that contains author biographical information, reviews and critiques, discussion questions, and supplemental information that is relevant to the particular title.

One member from your group checks out the kit for 6 weeks and is responsible for its contents. If a kit is currently checked out, you place it on hold.

Book Club Kits are created with the book club reader in mind; therefore, books are selected that are provocative enough to prompt discussion, create dialogue among members, and can be fiction or non-fiction. Chosen titles will usually fulfill all or some of the following criteria

  • strong themes, complex characters, interesting relationships, and are not formulaic.

  • characters are faced with difficult choices .

  • themes involve a strong moral or ethical conflict.

  • are often controversial books. Some of the best discussions arise when someone dislikes the book.

  • Presents the author’s view of important truths and sometimes sens a message to the reader.

  • are entertaining and educational.

  • have universal or lasting application and deemed to have literary merit.

  • are prone to different interpretations by a variety of readers.

  • can be be read more than once, and each time the reader learns something new.

We’d like to hear your suggestions for new titles for the book club kits. Email us: