To all ye researchers out there, I’ve got a message for ye. EBSCO Host be introducing a new interface called Explora. It replaces the Searchasaurus, Kid’s Search and Student Research Center interfaces, and streamlines the searchin’ process, mateys. Instead o’ sifting and searching through database after database, now ye’ll be able to search lots of different EBSCO databases with just one click!

Explora will have four interfaces: elementary school, middle school, high school and general research. Below I’ve listed the EBSCO databases each interface will search.

  • Elementary: Primary Search, Middle Search Plus, Funk and Wagnalls and American Heritage Dictionary.
  • Middle School: Funk, and Wagnalls, History Reference Center, Middle Search Plus, TopicSearch, Primary Search, Newspaper Search, MAS Ultra, Science Reference Center, Greenfile, Topic Overviews 6-12
  • High School: Academic Search Premier, History Reference Center, TopicSearch, Newspaper Source, Masterfile, MAS Ultra, Science Reference Center, GreenFile, Topic Overview 6-12
  • General Research: All EBSCO databases.

The new interface be great for students. Have ye ever written a super awesome research paper only to struggle with the citations? Blimey, that be a pain. Well, matey, Explora has citation help built right in. It allows ye to export citation information to online bibliography generators like EasyBig and NoodleTools. Explora also has a reading-level ranker, so yer little ones can find grade-appropriate articles.

While Searasaurus, Kids Search, and Student Research Center will be discontinued at the end of the year, we be excited to start usin’ Explora today! Keep an eye out, Explora is now available through the Answer Cache.