From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After

There is perhaps no beginning to a story filled with more magical possibilities than “once upon a time.” It’s an invitation to storm the castle, swim with mermaids, defeat dark forces, and fly with the winds.

It whispers, “Come along with me. An adventure awaits.”

We must defeat the ogres and rescue the villagers. We must slay the dragon and capture its hoard. We must follow the fairies and escape the labyrinth.

The term “fairy tale” was coined in the late 1600s by French Baroness d’Aulnoy in the title of her book “Les Contes des Fées” (From Fairy Tales), published in 1697. It’s said that Madame d’Aulnoy was such a fan of these stories that she threw her own fairy tale cosplay parties for friends and hosted many fairy tale writers at her home.

Fairy tales, sometimes called “wonder tales” or “magic tales” (since not all of the stories involve fairies), are universally beloved for their characters and themes. Among the talking animals and wicked step sisters exist rich stories of good triumphing over evil, of leaving home and growing up, of pursuing hopes and dreams, of conquering fear.

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge shimmers with the worlds of fairy tales and fantasy.

It’s A Summer to Imagine!

Mark your calendar for the start of summer reading! The free, all-ages magical adventure begins May 20 and continues through August 16. Enjoy new reading milestones, prizes, and themed activities for the entire family. Programs and activities will inspire you to imagine the possibilities: what you can do, build, become, and create.

Tips for Reading Happily Ever After

Access Daily access to quality reading materials is one of the biggest indicators of reading and academic success. Surround your child with books from the library!

Choice Personal choice is directly connected to motivation. When children choose their own books, it allows them to explore, imagine, and build a love of reading.

Time Twenty minutes a day of independent reading is all it takes to expand vocabulary, improve reading fluency, and turn reading into a lifelong habit.

It’s a Summer to Imagine during this year’s Summer Reading Challenge! Signup begins May 20.