Building a Healthier Community

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7 to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) and to draw attention to a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

This year, World Health Day focuses on “building a fairer, healthier world.”

As COVID-19 has highlighted, some people are able to live healthier lives and have better access to health services than others – entirely due to the conditions in which they are born, grow, live, work, and age. Even as we’re cheering the roll out of vaccines, there are still many health issues that people struggle with due to the pandemic.

One of the ways that Poudre River Public Library District is contributing to a healthier world is by focusing on our community and the ways in which we can create a positive impact through our collection, partnerships, and services.

Here are a few Resources and Partnerships to use on your quest for better health and wellbeing.

Health & Medicine eResources Spotlight*

The Library’s eResources include a variety of databases and research tools for health and medicine. Among these online tools is Consumer Health Complete, a comprehensive resource designed to support patients’ information needs and foster an understanding of health-related topics.

Another resource, MedlinePlus, is available in English and Spanish and provides information about diseases, health conditions, and wellness issues in every-day language. Learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug or supplement, find out meaning of medical terms, and access the latest research and clinical trials.

The Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection is another comprehensive database with information concerning topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry and psychology, mental health, and more.

All of these eResources and many others are available through our website,

*Information provided in these databases should not be viewed as a means for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Our Chromebooks and MiFi Hotspots available for checkout provide access to the above eResources and much more. For example, COVID-19 vaccines are mostly scheduled online, so these technology tools are especially crucial for staying healthy during the pandemic.

Health Partnerships Spotlight

The Poudre Libraries partner with community organizations to help improve access to a healthy lifestyle.

We promote access to Summitstone Health’s weekly virtual social hour, where folks can find relief from the stress and isolation of the pandemic.

Experts from the Health District of Larimer County lead our monthly Book Club for Mortals, which focuses on end-of-life themes in an honest and positive way.

We work with the Food Bank of Larimer County to provide help with applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits on a weekly basis.