Announcing Our New Website Redesign

After many years of faithfully serving the Library District, our current website is due to retire at the end of September. The web has changed rapidly in the quarter-century that it has been available for public use, and businesses and organizations have had to constantly adapt to the latest “best practices”.

So, with changing trends and advancing technology, it was time to redesign the Poudre River Public Library District’s website with a fresh look that fits today’s trends in accessibility and usability. This means a simple, easy-to-use layout, a responsive design that works on any device, with a focus on the content you want to see.

We looked at what you use the library website for and put those tasks right up front. Do you need to log into your account? Are you searching for library hours and locations? Are you curious about what’s new, writing a research paper, or looking for the next storytime? All of these commonly used features will now be available on the front page of the website. The functionality and structure of the new site was designed with you in mind!

We also considered that a computer may not always be your go-to device for visiting our site, so we made sure the new design was responsive. This means the site will be easy-to-use no matter what you’re viewing it on: computer, tablet, phone, etc. The site will respond to whatever device you are using.

Some of my favorite changes include moving the search bar to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, adding a slideshow that highlights top news and events, having a bile site with clickable buttons for my fat fingers and the site’s new simple design! The new website will launch September 30, 2014. Check out the sneak peak from September 15-29 at